RACHEL (xoxolucy) wrote,

Hair highlights for $20.

Kimarie Hair Training Centre Highlight coupon $20
There's a promo going on where you can get 2 same services for the price of 1. My friend did her highlights there ($40 for two times cause of the 1 for 1 offer) and now she's wanting to sell the other half of the coupon for $20. It's really cheap for highlights (base colour and highlight colour). It's a training centre so yeah, not superdeeduper good, but good enough, furthermore it's only $20!

Details of the coupon:
-valid for 1 year from date of purchase (my friend did it on 4th july this year)
-cannot be redeemed from December monthto post Lunar new Year (which is really far away still!)

Operation Hours:
Mon, Wed, Fri : 10am-9pm
Tue, Thurs: 10am -5pm

Go early (like not 2 hours before they close) and you might be able to get a seat downstairs where there's the salon area (upstairs is a big room with lots of ppl doing their hair, i rather downstairs cause there's more space, only 5 seats!)

If interested, leave a comment or email me at shakeitupbaby_@hotmail.com !
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